Polished Amber that is transparent and orange, containing insects, organisms and plant matter.

Amber Meaning: ‘Soular’ Power​

Amber’s golden ray carries the energy of life and light. Infusing joy into your life, it revitalizes the soul and brightens up your day. Strengthening self-belief and motivation, Amber ignites the fire within to pursue and succeed in all endeavours.

As a powerful cleanser, Amber purifies the aura by detaching emotional blockages and re-balancing the chakras. Its soothing vibration nurtures self-healing by removing dis-ease and restoring wellness. Surrounding the body with a protective shield, it deflects negative energies and psychic attacks. Increasing strength and personal will, it combats depression and eases the grieving process.

Encapsulating the essence of life, this fossilized tree resin preserves various insects, organisms and plant matter. Encoded with the ancient wisdom of the Earth, Amber offers a key to past life exploration. Accessing ancestral lessons, it inspires your personal evolution by releasing ingrained patterns and clearing inherited karma.

Amber Properties

Amber Chakras

Amber Physical Characteristics

A light weight solidified tree resin formed 30 to 90 million years ago. Transparent to opaque and may contain insects, organisms and/or plant matter. Resembling honey, its colour varies in shades of golden brown, orange and yellow.

Amber Geographic Locations

Baltic Amber is found along the Baltic Sea in Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Sweden. Also found in Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Italy, Myanmar and UK.

Amber crystal properties are Vitality, Motivation and Cleansing with affirmation stating I create positive change through the guidance of ancient wisdom.

Amber Zodiac Signs

Amber Planets

Amber Elements

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