Black Tourmaline

An opaque and shiny Black Tourmaline crystal with long vertical striations.

Black Tourmaline Meaning: Energy Purifier

Black Tourmaline is a highly protective stone. It forms a shield around the body to deflect electromagnetic frequencies emitted from cell phones, computers and other radiative devices. Extremely beneficial for empaths, it promotes healthy boundaries and guards against psychic attacks.

Activating the root chakra, Black Tourmaline brings the body’s energy into balance. Grounding to the Earth, it deepens a connection to the natural world. It is recommended to use during spiritual practices & ritual work for protection against negative entities.

Black Tourmaline cleanses the aura by removing blockages and transforming negative energy into positive, usable energy. Its harmonizing vibration releases stress, worry and suppresses obsessive tendencies. Promoting detoxification, it eliminates harmful heavy metals and environmental pollutants from the body.

Black Tourmaline Properties

Black Tourmaline Chakras

Black Tourmaline Physical Characteristics

Black, opaque and shiny prismatic crystal with long vertical striations. Often containing other impurities. Also known as ‘Schorl,’ Black Tourmaline can generate an electric charge in response to pressure. Disrupting the crystals’ atomic structure upsets the polarity and produces a voltage at opposite ends. This is known as the ‘piezoelectric effect.’

Black Tourmaline Geographic Locations

Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Madagascar, Namibia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and USA.

Black Tourmaline crystal properties are Protection, Grounding and Cleansing with affirmation stating I am grounded to the Earth and safe from harm.

Black Tourmaline Zodiac Signs

Black Tourmaline Planets

Black Tourmaline Elements

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