Blue Kyanite

An opaque and glossy Blue Kyanite crystal that has white streaks and flat elongated bladed layers.

Blue Kyanite Meaning: Awakening Your Truth

Blue Kyanite encourages you to find your voice and speak your truth. Looking within to discover your unique skills and interests, it empowers you to create your own path in life. Shifting the energy of old repetitive patterns, it cuts the emotional ties from the past to allow for growth and understanding. Its calming energy helps to restore peace to a damaged relationship by facilitating clear and compassionate communication with others.

Blue Kyanite’s soothing blue ray promotes serenity and a calm state of mind. Enhancing meditation, it brings stillness and relaxation to the body. Dissolving intrusive thoughts, it releases the fears and anxieties caused by uncertainty.

A powerful amplifier of energy, Blue Kyanite raises your vibration to join the higher frequencies. Aligning you with Divine guidance, it heightens spiritual awareness and opens the mind to greater consciousness. Connecting to the third eye chakra, Blue Kyanite awakens your innate and natural gifts of intuitive insight. It stimulates psychic abilities, lucid dreaming and telepathy. Restoring the flow of energy to all chakras, it is one of the stones that never requires cleansing.

Blue Kyanite Properties

Blue Kyanite Chakras

Blue Kyanite Physical Characteristics

A glossy blue crystal formed in elongated flat bladed layers. Transparent to opaque and may contain streaks of white. Different hardness measurements for each of its axes – this is known as ‘anisotropic.’

Blue Kyanite Geographic Locations

Brazil, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Switzerland and USA.

Blue Kyanite crystal properties are Calm, Communication and Intuition with affirmation stating I speak my truth and choose to live authentically.

Blue Kyanite Zodiac Signs

Blue Kyanite Planets

Blue Kyanite Elements

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