Blue Sapphire

A hexagonal-shaped rough Blue Sapphire stone with white veiny patches.

Blue Sapphire Meaning: Voice of Wisdom

Blue Sapphire heightens intuition by directing awareness with a curious mind. Seeking inner truth, it inspires a fuller understanding of yourself and the world. Opening the third eye chakra, it activates a deeper level of consciousness, stimulating the potential of psychic abilities, intuitive dreams and introspection. Connecting to higher knowledge, its heavenly blue ray offers guidance and support along your spiritual journey.

Its calming vibration brings peace of mind by relieving tension and restoring balance to the body. Enhancing mental focus, Blue Sapphire strengthens the power of concentration and builds the self-discipline to accomplish any goal. Connecting to the throat chakra, it encourages clear communication and honest self-expression.

Traditionally known as a stone of love and loyalty, this stunning gem is often used in engagement rings as a symbol commitment. Also popular among royalty, Blue Sapphire is believed to inspire wise judgement and attract prosperity.

Blue Sapphire Properties

Blue Sapphire Chakras

Blue Sapphire Physical Characteristics

A transparent to opaque variety of corundum with trace amounts of iron and titanium which produce its rich blue colour from pale blue to deep royal blue.

Blue Sapphire Geographic Locations

Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania, USA and Vietnam.

Blue Sapphire crystal properties are Intuition, Calm and Focus with affirmation stating I direct my focus towards fulfilling my life’s purpose.

Blue Sapphire Zodiac Signs

Blue Sapphire Planets

Blue Sapphire Elements

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