A rough Carnelian stone that is primarily orange with red banded layers, sharp edges and a glassy texture.

Carnelian Meaning: Courageous Catalyst

Increasing motivation and driving ambition, Carnelian inspires you to take action! It overcomes procrastination by releasing poor habits and dissolving feelings of uncertainty. Embracing change as a form of positive transformation, it offers courage in times of new beginnings.

Its fiery energy activates the sacral chakra, increasing endurance and restoring vitality. Boosting confidence to allow for true self-expression, Carnelian is helpful during interviews and auditions. Its soothing vibration nurtures relationships by restoring trust and overcoming issues related to abuse. Carrying an emotional warmth, it can also rekindle a fizzling romance by deepening intimacy and stimulating sexual desires.

Dispersing negative thoughts, Carnelian redirects your energy to focus on what truly matters. Connecting to the root chakra, it grounds you in the present moment to establish a strong foundation for actively pursuing your goals.

Carnelian Properties

Carnelian Chakras

Carnelian Physical Characteristics

Colours vary from a pale orange to a deep rusty red with banded layers from iron impurities. Glassy texture that is opaque or translucent.

Carnelian Geographic Locations

Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Germany, Peru, Romania, Slovakia, UK, Uruguay and USA.

Carnelian crystal properties are Confidence, Courage and Passion with affirmation stating I embrace transformation and have the courage to create change in the world.

Carnelian Zodiac Signs

Carnelian Planets

Carnelian Elements

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