Desert Rose Selenite

Desert Rose Selenite is a beige and white stone that forms ridge-like layers resembling rose petals.

Desert Rose Selenite: Let in the Light

Desert Rose Selenite increases awareness of your thoughts and core beliefs. Shining light into the dark corners of the mind, it clarifies problematic perceptions that need resolution. Observing the inherited qualities that no longer serve you, it releases these old mental programs to allow for a new positive mindset.

Cultivating a deeper state of meditation, Desert Rose Selenite elevates consciousness to your higher self. Supporting the growth of your spiritual practice, it expands receptivity of Divine love, which is the purest and most profound love there is.

Containing the cleansing power of Selenite, this rejuvenating stone infuses the aura with light to dissolve densities in the body’s pathways. Restoring balance to the chakras, it grounds your energy into the earth and reestablishes harmony in all aspects of your life. Also known as Sand Rose, Selenite Rose or Gypsum Rose, this fragile mineral should be kept dry and handled with care.

Desert Rose Selenite Properties

Desert Rose Selenite Chakras

Desert Rose Selenite Physical Characteristics

When Selenite or Barite is embedded with sand and water evaporates, it forms ridge-like layers resembling rose petals. This gypsum mineral varies in colour from white, beige to brown and the average size ranges from 0.5 to 4 inches in diameter.

Desert Rose Selenite Geographic Locations

Found in dry desert-like climates. Australia, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Spain, South Africa and USA.

Desert Rose Selenite properties are Clarity, Cleansing and Balance with affirmation stating Clarity and harmony are within me.

Desert Rose Selenite Zodiac Signs

Desert Rose Selenite Planets

Desert Rose Selenite Elements

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