Dumortierite is a dark navy blue with black dense and opaque stone.

Dumortierite Meaning: Mind Expansion

Dumortierite is a stone of mental fortitude. Promoting clarity and organized thought, it cultivates deep focus that enhances memory and increases learning abilities. Activating the higher mind, it develops patience and self-discipline for overcoming obstacles and achieving intellectual breakthroughs.

Dumortierite empowers you to confront issues that challenge your dignity and respect. Recognize that no one can invalidate you. With this stone in hand, gather the courage to stand up for yourself, take control of your life and confidently assert your thoughts and feelings.

Abandoning stubborn and egoist perceptions, Dumortierite strengthens a connection with your intuitive self. It opens the third eye and guides your inner vision, gaining insight into your soul’s growth and expansion. Channeling wisdom and divine inspiration, its energies raise awareness to new possibilities and a sense of purpose.

Dumortierite Properties

Dumortierite Chakras

Dumortierite Physical Characteristics

A dense opaque stone, mainly found in massive or fibrous form and may form prismatic crystals. The most common color is dark navy blue with black. It also appears as greenish-blue, violet-blue, pale blue, pink, or red-brown.

Dumortierite Geographic Locations

Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Madagascar, Namibia, Poland, Russia, Sri Lanka, and USA.

Dumortierite crystal properties are Clarity, Confidence, and Intuition with affirmation stating I validate myself by knowing my Divine inherent worth.

Dumortierite Zodiac Signs

Dumortierite Planets

Dumortierite Elements

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