A rough and transparent Fluorite crystal with bands of purple, blue and green.

Fluorite Meaning: Organized Chaos

Fluorite enhances brain power by directing focus to acquire and process new information. Silencing the mental chatter of un-ordered thoughts and worries, Fluorite provides clarity for confident decision making. It inspires innovative problem solving by creating a link between past experience, developed skills and previously learned knowledge.

Its calm vibration instills deep relaxation and cultivates a peaceful state of meditation. Opening the third eye and crown chakra, Fluorite awakens your intuitive abilities and attunes to the higher realms for guidance. Highly protective from environmental stress and psychic debris, it cleanses the aura and returns the body to its natural state of balance.

When life is overwhelming and feels like it is spinning out of control, Fluorite brings stability to chaotic energy. Releasing fear and anxiety caused by external forces, it raises self-awareness and redirects your energy to consciously create the life you envision. It’s when you follow your bliss that you become in alignment with your higher purpose.

Fluorite Properties

Fluorite Chakras

Fluorite Physical Characteristics

A transparent to translucent luminous crystal forming into a cubic or octahedral shape. Found as a single specimen, cluster or in massive form and/or containing multiple bands of colours. A glassy lustre of vivid colours ranging from blue, green, purple, white, yellow and pink. Under ultraviolet light, its display of fluorescence is how this crystal got its name.

Fluorite Geographic Locations

Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Mexico, Namibia, Norway, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Spain, UK and USA.

Fluorite crystal properties are Balance, Clarity and Focus with affirmation stating I have clarity of vision and purpose.

Fluorite Zodiac Signs

Fluorite Planets

Fluorite Elements

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