Green Jade

Green Jade tumble stone that is rectangular in shape and opaque emerald green in colour.

Green Jade Meaning: Abundance Within

Nourishing the body with the Earth’s loving energies, Jade strengthens a deep-rooted sense of wholeness and inner stability. Harmonizing with the heart chakra it expands gratitude for all that you have in your life. Jade promotes an abundance mindset and a knowing that there is plenty to go around. It teaches you that a rich and full life is not measured by the amount in your bank account, but by the wealth of people and experiences shared in each and every moment.

Bringing to light your unique qualities, Jade empowers self-worth through fully loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are. It cultivates a willingness to learn and grow by releasing unrealistic expectations and self-imposing limitations. Offering blessings of good fortune, it inspires humility by sharing your wealth with others.

Jade nurtures harmonious relationships between business partners or family members. Stimulating intuitive dreams, Jade serves as a protective talisman while gaining insight towards your higher purpose. Seen as a symbol of purity and power in Chinese culture, it was the belief that this stone imbued strength and vitality to its beholder and promised protection after death.

Green Jade Properties

Green Jade Chakras

Green Jade Physical Characteristics

Jade is the name given to two similar minerals: Jadeite and Nephrite. Both are high on the Mohs hardness scale but each stone has a different crystalline composition. Jadeite is more likely transparent with a virtuous luster, while Nephrite is generally creamy with a waxy lister. Jadeite colours range from a deep forest green to a grey-green with a yellow or white tint. Nephrite is more common and its colour ranges from light to deep olive green.

Green Jade Geographic Locations

Jadeite is primarily sourced in Myanmar but also found in Canada, Cuba, Guatemala, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, South America, Turkey and USA. Nephrite is found in Canada, China, India, New Zealand, Poland, Russia and Taiwan.

Green Jade crystal properties are Vitality, Abundance and Growth with affirmation stating I am wealthy & prosperous in all areas of my life.

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