A rough and shiny black Hematite stone with a bumpy texture and metallic sheen.

Hematite Meaning: Grounding the Stars

Hematite serves as an armour to your mind, body and spirit. When used in the practice of astral travel, it protects the aura from harm and secures the soul in the physical world. Grounding the high frequency energy of the etheric realms, it nourishes the body with cosmic light and brings awareness to the areas of your life that require love and attention.

Restoring balance to your energetic systems, Hematite enhances your overall well-being by releasing emotions that are weighing you down. Bringing all of the chakras into alignment, this stable stone eases mental stress by connecting you to a quiet centre of calm. Deflecting scattered thoughts, it expands the ability of innovative thinking and intuitive problem solving. Reinforcing the inner strength to overcome all limitations, it focuses your energy in solidifying your dreams and manifesting them into reality.

Hematite Properties

Hematite Chakras

Hematite Physical Characteristics

An opaque and heavy black stone with a silvery metallic sheen. Mostly composed of iron, it produces a red-brown streak when scratched on a harder surface. The colour can vary to include red, orange and brown due to weathering.

Hematite Geographic Locations

Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Morocco, South Africa, Switzerland, UK, USA and Venezuela.

Hematite crystal properties are Protection, Calm and Grounding with affirmation stating My energy is centred, grounded and focused.

Hematite Zodiac Signs

Hematite Planets

Hematite Elements

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