Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond is a highly transparent double-terminated variety of Quartz.

Herkimer Diamond Meaning: Seed of Enlightenment

Herkimer Diamond is the manifestation of pure light. Emanating positive energy, it cleanses the body and conducts the highest vibration of life force. Revitalizing any space, it creates a protective shield against radioactive rays and other harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

This luminous stone is commonly used amongst energetic healers. Dissipating the illusion of separation, it harmoniously attunes you to the energies of other people. As a powerful amplifier, its prismatic crystalline structure magnifies the properties of other stones.

Herkimer Diamonds are a variation of Clear Quartz and share the ability to focus energy and retain information. When programmed with loving thoughts and intentions, it stores memories that can later be retrieved when healing is needed.

Heightening psychic vision, Herkimer Diamonds enhance the experience of shamanic journeying and inner body awareness. Facilitating telepathic communication, it opens receptivity to the guidance of the spiritual realms. Awakening an enlightened state of being, it nurtures the connection deep within as the light of your consciousness grows stronger.

Herkimer Diamond Properties

Herkimer Diamond Chakras

Herkimer Diamond Physical Characteristics

A highly transparent double-terminated variety of Quartz. Typically small and stubby with exceptional clarity and brilliance. They may contain rainbows, enhydros, or small deposits of black carbon.

Herkimer Diamond Geographic Locations

Named after the region it was first discovered in Herkimer County, New York. Found in other localities such as Canada, China, Mexico, Pakistan, Spain, and Tanzania.

Herkimer Diamond crystal properties are Revitalizing, Psychic Vision, and Attunement with affirmation stating My true nature is Divine.

Herkimer Diamond Zodiac Signs

Herkimer Diamond Planets

Herkimer Diamond Elements

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