A prismatic light pink Kunzite crystal with vertical striations and glassy texture.

Kunzite Meaning: Love Freely

Kunzite opens your heart to unconditional love. Encouraging compassion, connection and empathy, it breaks down the emotional walls that were set up by heartache to allow for joyful receptivity. Healing emotional wounds, Kunzite’s soothing presence increases confidence as you rebuild trust in others. Offering loving guidance, it nurtures healthy romantic relationships and supports the development of genuine friendships.

Strengthening the body in times of stress, Kunzite is a helpful ally when overcome by difficult emotion. It’s calm and gentle energy re-balances the heart chakra to establish seamless communication between your thoughts and feelings. Enhancing a state of tranquility, is dispels anxiety and unwanted negative energy. This caring and protective stone promotes a sense of security by strengthening the aura with power of unconditional love.

Kunzite Properties

Kunzite Chakras

Kunzite Physical Characteristics

A prismatic crystal with vertical striations. Can be translucent to transparent with a glassy appearance. Colours ranging from pale pink to light violet and its colour may fade in direct sunlight. Green Kunzite is formed by the presence of chromium and is called Hiddenite.

Kunzite Geographic Locations

Afghanistan, Brazil, Canada, China, Madagascar, Mozambique, Pakistan and USA.

Kunzite crystal properties are Love, Connection and Protection with affirmation stating I am deserving of unconditional love.

Kunzite Zodiac Signs

Kunzite Planets

Kunzite Elements

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