Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is translucent to opaque, bright orange waxy stone that may contain white streaks.

Orange Calcite: Love the Life You Live

Orange Calcite inspires you to live life passionately! While fulfilling your deepest desires, it empowers you to take charge by being the author of your own story. Stimulating the imagination and illuminating the creative mind, it encourages you to stay open to innovative solutions and wildly new ideas.

Harnessing the power to create your reality, Orange Calcite helps you narrow your focus on what you truly want. Challenging your limiting and false beliefs, it builds the confidence to take risks and follow a path less travelled. Offering courage to have faith greater than fear, it aligns your energy to taking decisive action and bringing your vision to fruition.

Revitalizing the mind and increasing the flow of energy throughout the body, Orange Calcite raises your vibration and dissipates any stagnant blocks. Activating the sacral chakra, it arouses sensuality and boosts the libido. While getting your juices flowing, it sparks new and playful ways to deepen intimacy and explore your sensuality.

Orange Calcite Properties

Orange Calcite Chakras

Orange Calcite Physical Characteristics

A translucent to opaque pale to bright orange waxy stone that may contain white streaks.

Orange Calcite Geographic Locations

Largest deposit are in Mexico. Also found in Brazil, Canada, Peru and USA.

Orange Calcite properties are Passion, Creativity and Energizing with affirmation stating My life is full of passion and purpose.

Orange Calcite Zodiac Signs

Orange Calcite Planets

Orange Calcite Elements

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