Prehnite is a translucent light to medium green glassy stone.

Prehnite Meaning: Heart-Centred Consciousness

Prehnite’s soft green ray promotes a serene atmosphere. Its calming vibration enhances meditation and invites peaceful inner awareness. Illuminating your inner knowing, it gathers wisdom found in tranquility. Developing the ability of prophecy, it stimulates intuitive visions and dreams for meaningful interpretation.

Uniting the earthly and spiritual worlds, Prehnite opens channels of communication with celestial beings from other dimensions. It connects you to the messages of angelic guides to light your spiritual path. Attuning to cosmic consciousness, it aligns with the Universal energies to embrace the interconnectedness of All Things.

Grounding higher vibrations, it revitalizes the body with a spirited life force. Moving beyond the limitations of the ego-mind, Prehnite emphasizes living from your heart-centre. Expanding the power of Divine manifestation, it strengthens your true nature as a being of unconditional love.

Prehnite Properties

Prehnite Chakras

Prehnite Physical Characteristics

A translucent light to medium green glassy stone. May contain white streaks. Less commonly found in textured bubble-like formations with a waxy appearance.

Prehnite Geographic Locations

Australia, Canada, China, France, India, Mali, Namibia, South Africa, Spain, UK, and USA.

Prehnite crystal properties are Serenity, Divine Communication, and Awareness with affirmation stating When I am in alignment with the Universe, I am following my heart's path.

Prehnite Zodiac Signs

Prehnite Planets

Prehnite Elements

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