Wulfenite is a transparent to opaque bright orange stone that forms tabular prismatic crystals.

Wulfenite Meaning: Divine Creation

A catalyst for inspiration, Wulfenite arouses creativity to emerge new forms of artistic expression. Igniting your inner drive, it overcomes the fear of failure by defeating feelings of self-doubt, hesitancy, and procrastination. Setting free the imagination, it inspires original thought to formulate a clear plan of action for manifesting your ideas into reality.

Wulfenite’s steady vibration attunes to the Earth’s revitalizing life force, grounding higher frequencies to replenish your energy levels. It develops a deeper appreciation for the abundances of our planet, while also promoting an acceptance of the cruelties that occur in the world. Encouraging authenticity, it integrates the complexities of your being to determine your divine purpose.

Expanding psychic vision, Wulfenite opens cosmic consciousness to the past, present, and future. It attunes to your higher self and connects you to those with whom you’ve made a soul contract. Cultivating profound change, these people leave powerful impressions in your life by teaching you valuable lessons and empowering the progression of your journey.

Wulfenite Properties

Wulfenite Chakras

Wulfenite Physical Characteristics

Transparent to opaque, it crystallizes in masses of thin tabular prismatic crystals. Its colour ranges from bright orange, reddish-orange to golden-yellow. Rare specimens are grey, blue, or colourless. As a lead-based crystal, Wulfenite is considered toxic and should be handled with care.

Wulfenite Geographic Locations

Austria, DR Congo, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Slovenia, and USA.

Wulfenite crystal properties are Focus, Originality, and Inspiration with affirmation stating I am creatively inspired by the world around me.

Wulfenite Zodiac Signs

Wulfenite Planets

Wulfenite Elements

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