Amblygonite is a pale yellow prismatic crystal with a perfect cleavage.

Amblygonite Meaning: Ignite Your Spark

When chronic stress and anxiety drown out your inner light, Amblygonite’s golden ray keeps your fire burning bright. Strengthening the will and raising self-confidence, it empowers you to follow your own path. Releasing the emotional hooks of past partners and former friendships, it eases the process of healing the hurt and moving on.

Amblygonite provides clarity when dealing with pressures and challenges. Establishing a calm emotional centre, this sunny stone fosters a positive outlook with peace of mind. Aligning the body to a state of equilibrium, it restores balance and fluidity to our energetic systems.

Encouraging the pursuit of your passions, Amblygonite develops innate talents and supports the work of artists. Dissipating creative blocks by facilitating an endless flow of inspiration, it nurtures your brilliance to shine and thrive. Harnessing the forces of manifestation, it instills the focus and persistence needed to turn your dreams into reality.

Amblygonite Properties

Amblygonite Chakras

Amblygonite Physical Characteristics

Transparent to translucent prismatic crystals with a glassy luster. Displays a perfect cleavage, which can break easily to expose flat surfaces. Most commonly yellow but also found in light tones of pink, green, blue, and beige.

Amblygonite Geographic Locations

Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Myanmar, Namibia, and the USA.

Amblygonite crystal properties are Confidence, Focus, and Creativity with affirmation stating "I allow my creative energy to flow freely."

Amblygonite Zodiac Signs

Amblygonite Planets

Amblygonite Elements

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