Ametrine tumble stone, a transparent crystal with a blend of yellow and purple sections.

Ametrine Meaning: Enlightened Transformation

Ametrine is formed by the union of Amethyst and Citrine. This harmonious combination balances masculine and feminine energies while aligning the physical and spiritual realms. Activating the crown chakra, Ametrine raises spiritual awareness for receiving Divine guidance. With this newfound enlightenment, it empowers clear and decisive action to transform your life in a positive way.

Ametrine is an ideal stone to keep nearby while working or studying. It enhances learning by increasing mental clarity, deepening concentration and improving problem solving abilities. Its energetic vibration inspires a creative flow of new ideas and strengthens your focus when putting a plan into action.

Detoxifying the body and mind, it clears negative emotional programming by releasing blockages from the aura. Promoting a sense of overall well-being, it breaks self-defeating habits and offers support when overcoming all types of addictions.

Ametrine Properties

Ametrine Chakras

Ametrine Physical Characteristics

Transparent crystal with a blend of yellow and pale purple sections. The colouring is formed by slight temperature fluctuations altering the oxidation of iron. May contain rainbows or sparkle inclusions.

Ametrine Geographic Locations

The largest deposits are found in Bolivia. Also found in Brazil, India and Uruguay.

Ametrine crystal properties are Guidance, Focus and Creativity with affirmation stating I align with the Divine to consciously create my reality.

Ametrine Zodiac Signs

Ametrine Planets

Ametrine Elements

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