A polished heart-shaped Angelite stone that is pale blue with white speckles.

Angelite Meaning: Voice of an Angel

Angelite inspires you to consciously seek and speak your truth. Balancing the throat chakra, its heavenly blue ray brings you into harmony with others by facilitating compassionate communication. Releasing feelings of anger and blame, it encourages you to voice your emotions in difficult situations. Words are composed by the frequency of your breath and when the truth is spoken, tension is set free.

Also known as ‘Blue Anhydrite,’ its structure has alikeness to the wings of an angel. Infusing peace and tranquility into the body, Angelite’s soothing vibration raises awareness and transcends consciousness into the celestial realm. Offering loving guidance, it heightens your perception to the many forms of angelic messages.

Activating the crown and third eye chakras, Angelite enhances intuition and receptivity to psychic channeling. Placed under your pillow, it improves dream recall and assists in the understanding of a meaningful interpretation. A beneficial tool to experienced mediums, Angelite’s Divine connection may be used to establish contact with those who have crossed over.

Angelite Properties

Angelite Chakras

Angelite Physical Characteristics

A medium to pale blue opaque stone with white speckle. It is a dense and compressed form of Celestite, usually found in nodules or masses and may contain tiny red Hematite inclusions.

Angelite Geographic Locations

Canada, Germany, Libya, Mexico, Peru, Poland and UK.

Angelite crystal properties are Communication, Harmony and Awareness with affirmation stating I speak my truth with love and compassion.

Angelite Zodiac Signs

Angelite Planets

Angelite Elements

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