A prismatic and clear Apophyllite crystal in a pyramidal shape.

Apophyllite Meaning: In Light of Your True Self

Apophyllite’s radiant vibration carries the energy of universal wisdom. Opening the crown chakra and expanding consciousness, it establishes a clear connection to the higher realms. Receiving Divine guidance, Apophyllite inspires introspection towards the realization and acceptance of your true self.

Activating the third eye chakra, Apophyllite awakens your inner vision, heightening intuition and channeling psychic abilities. Providing the opportunity for astral travel and past life exploration, it grounds the soul to the physical body for safe return. 

Its natural pyramid formation makes it a powerful conductor of light energy. Its angelic frequency infuses the aura, clearing the mind and releasing tension from the body. Creating a calm and comfortable environment, this brilliant crystal cleanses any space with pure white light. A common tool for Reiki healing, Apophyllite enhances a relaxed, meditative state and opens receptivity to healing energy.

Apophyllite Properties

Apophyllite Chakras

Apophyllite Physical Characteristics

A clear and fragile prismatic crystal in a cubic or pyramidal shape. Varying in size from single points to large clusters.

Apophyllite Geographic Locations

Found worldwide with noteworthy localities in Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, India, Italy, South Africa and USA.

Apophyllite crystal properties are Spiritual Growth, Intuition and Cleansing with affirmation stating I am connected and guided by Divine light.

Apophyllite Zodiac Signs

Apophyllite Planets

Apophyllite Elements

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