Auralite 23

Auralite 23 is a purple crystal that contain inclusions of up to 23 of these different mineral compounds.

Auralite 23 Meaning: Soul Ascension

Auralite 23 sets you on a path towards awakening. Aligning with your Higher Self, it brings awareness to your own divinity, allowing you to fully step into your power and flow through life with grace. Guiding you back to your true nature, it rebalances all of the chakras and stabilizes the body’s energetic systems.

Creating a space of inner stillness, Auralite 23 deepens meditation by instilling a calm and centred state of being. Removing worries and distracting thoughts, it nurtures a purified state of consciousness where you can surrender to the peace of the present moment. This mindful, energetic shift expands gratitude for your soul’s growth and journey here on Earth.

Bridging the spiritual and physical worlds, this enlightened stone strengthens a connection with your guardian angels and spirit guides. Increasing psychic awareness, it invites vivid dreams, futuristic visions, and knowledge from past lives for interpretation. By releasing karmic patterns and misguided illusions, it inspires a hopeful and purposeful renewed sense of self.

Auralite 23 Properties

Auralite 23 Chakras

Auralite 23 Physical Characteristics

Auralite 23 was created from a meteoric impact 1.2 billion years ago. This event caused metallic ores to influence the growth of the local Amethyst. These crystals contain inclusions of up to 23 of these different mineral compounds: Ajoite, Bornite, Cacoxenite, Chalcopyrite, Copper, Covellite, Epidote, Goethite, Gilalite, Gold, Hematite, Iron, Lepidocrocite, Limonite, Magnetite, Nickel, Platinum, Pyrite, Pyrolusite, Rutile, Silver, Sphalerite, and Titanite. Translucent to opaque, Auralite 23 forms as purple crystals with dark red caps.

Auralite 23 Geographic Locations

The only known location is in Ontario, Canada.

Auralite 23 Zodiac Signs

Auralite 23 Planets

Auralite 23 Elements

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