Azurite crystal is a lustrous deep blue copper mineral that forms in small nodules.

Azurite Meaning: Beyond the Ego

Azurite directs your attention within to uncover your inner genius. An ideal stone for learning and problem solving, it boosts cognitive abilities to enhance memory and increase concentration. Elevating the mind to attune to a higher intellect, it opens you to a new perspective and the opportunity to reach greater insights.

Activating the third eye chakra, Azurite develops a strong connection with your intuition. Expanding consciousness, it spiritually aligns your inner vision with Divine guidance. An effective tool for psychic mediums, it opens the channels for clear interpretation of messages received from past lives and spirit guides.

Unmasking the ego to empower a deeper awareness of reality, Azurite offers true insight for making wiser, soul-inspired decisions in your life. Deconstructing your fears and false beliefs, it invites you to examine the root cause of your thoughts, motives and behaviours. Dismissing feelings of self-criticism, worry and indecision, it reconnects you to your genuine self that is beyond your ego.

Azurite Properties

Azurite Chakras

Physical Characteristics

An opaque and lustrous deep blue copper mineral that forms in small nodules. In rare occasions they form as crystals and quite often are found intergrown with Malachite. A very soft stone, its colour may weather in open air and should be kept out of sunlight or in contact with water.

Geographic Locations

Australia, Chile, China, Egypt, France, Namibia, Peru, Russia and USA.

Azurite crystal properties are Knowledge, Spiritual Growth and Truth with affirmation stating I listen to my intuition and trust my inner guide.

Azurite Zodiac Signs

Azurite Planets

Azurite Elements

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