Black Obsidian

A spear-shaped Black Obsidian volcanic rock with a smooth and glossy finish and razor sharp edges.

Black Obsidian Meaning: Illuminating the Shadows

Black Obsidian brings to light the dark and hidden aspects of yourself. Raising self-awareness, it teaches you to honour the imperfections of being human and to embrace your flaws and weaknesses as opportunities for growth and development.

Through honest self-reflection, Black Obsidian empowers the inner strength to explore the nature of destructive behavioural patterns. By accepting these feelings without judgement, it inspires a personal transformation towards your authentic self. Restoring a harmonious balance to the emotional body, it nurtures a sense of wholeness and power to take on life’s challenges.

Grounding you to the Earth’s centre, Black Obsidian’s powerful cleansing ability absorbs harmful energy from the environment and within your auric field. It forms a protective shield to guard against negative influences and psychic attacks. It is commonly used by shamans as a tool for scrying and receiving messages from the spirit world.

Black Obsidian Properties

Black Obsidian Chakras

Black Obsidian Physical Characteristics

A black glasslike volcanic rock formed by molten lava that cooled very rapidly. Translucent to opaque with a smooth and glossy finish, often having razor sharp edges. This mineral dates back to the stone age, where it was shaped into arrowheads, knives and other cutting tools.

Black Obsidian Geographic Locations

Found in areas with volcanic activity, with large deposits in Mexico and USA.

Black Obsidian crystal properties are Personal Growth, Balance and Cleansing with affirmation stating I am understanding, honest and truthful with myself.

Black Obsidian Zodiac Signs

Black Obsidian Planets

Black Obsidian Elements

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