Bloodstone tumble stone, mainly dark greenish-blue with red blotches.

Bloodstone Meaning: Spiritual Warrior

Bloodstone offers the courage to overcome life’s challenges. It heightens your intuition and inspires the inner strength to take the right course of action when following your own path. Its nurturing energy is a reminder of the ever-growing and ever-changing cycle of life. Supporting in the healing of emotional wounds, it teaches you to embrace every struggle as a lesson that will only make you stronger.

Strengthening the root chakra, Bloodstone grounds you in the present moment. Revitalizing the mind, it restores your energy levels by purifying the aura and clearing emotional blockages. Wearing it protects you from negative energies by creating a defensive shield and deflecting undesirable influences.

Legend has it, Bloodstone was created at the crucifixion of Christ, when the blood from His wounds seeped into the earth and turned to stone. Encouraging spiritual growth, its sacred power guides your consciousness and deepens your connection to the Divine.

Bloodstone Properties

Bloodstone Chakras

Bloodstone Physical Characteristics

An opaque variety of Chalcedony with Red Jasper inclusions. Mainly dark greenish-blue with red blotches. Some specimen also contain yellow or white inclusions.

Bloodstone Geographic Locations

Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, India, Germany and USA.

Bloodstone properties are Courage, Intuition and Protection with affirmation stating I have the inner strength to overcome all challenges.

Bloodstone Zodiac Signs

Bloodstone Planets

Bloodstone Elements

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