Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is a glassy, transparent to opaque dark blue-green stone.

Blue Apatite Meaning: Awaken Intuition

Blue Apatite provides clarity of consciousness. Cleansing the auric field of negative psychic debris, it expands the mind for understanding concepts and situations on a deeper level. Increasing the receptiveness to inspiration and new ideas, it presents the key to unlocking creative freedom.

This mystical blue stone heightens awareness to the higher realms and opens channels to receive guidance from enlightened beings. Enhancing intuitive abilities and dream work, it brings forth spiritual knowledge from past lives and the Akashic records. Through obtaining this new profound wisdom, it supports the healing of ancestral burdens and inherited karma.

Carrying a vibration of hope, Blue Apatite encourages humility by directing your energy to serving others. With a focused heart intention, it harnesses your innate power of manifestation to creating a world full of possibility. Promoting passionate action towards fulfilling your goals, it instills the motivation and ambitious drive for realizing your spiritual purpose.

Blue Apatite Properties

Blue Apatite Chakras

Blue Apatite Physical Characteristics

A glassy, transparent to opaque dark blue-green stone that is found in massive form or prismatic hexagonal crystals.

Blue Apatite Geographic Locations

Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia and USA.

Blue Apatite properties are Cleansing, Inspiration and Manifestation with affirmation stating I attune my consciousness to the wisdom of my inner knowing.

Blue Apatite Zodiac Signs

Blue Apatite Planets

Blue Apatite Elements

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