Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is an opaque pale grey-blue to deep blue stone with a waxy and smooth texture.

Blue Calcite Meaning: Creative Expression

Blue Calcite brings awareness to the words you say, both to yourself and to others. Communication is vibrational, therefore your emotions, thoughts, energy and intentions resonate out into the world and create an impact. Enhancing the power of attention and presence, it teaches you to be mindful of your speech.

Emanating a protective blue ray, it prevents the intrusion of unwanted entities and mental threats. Gently neutralizing negative vibrations, Blue Calcite releases tension to achieve a free flow of energy throughout the body. Clearing the blockages of clouded emotions, it encourages you to choose a positive perspective in order to see the truth of a situation.

Aligning your energy with the full force of your creative power, Blue Calcite brings forth boundless inspiration. Awakening the imagination, it empowers you to discover the truest form of your self-expression. Activating the third eye, it deepens your intuitive abilities, developing telepathic and psychic gifts. Recalling insights received through dreams and inner exploration, it brings visions vividly to life for clear interpretation.

Blue Calcite Properties

Blue Calcite Chakras

Blue Calcite Physical Characteristics

An opaque pale grey-blue to deep blue stone with a waxy and smooth texture. Found in large masses, some specimens contain white streaks.

Blue Calcite Geographic Locations

Brazil, India, Mexico and South Africa.

Blue Calcite properties are Inspiration, Expression and Intuition with affirmation stating There are no limits to my creativity.

Blue Calcite Zodiac Signs

Blue Calcite Planets

Blue Calcite Elements

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