A dense triangular cluster of blue Celestite crystals with a white powdery dust along the edges.

Celestite Meaning: Higher Love

Celestite reflects the peaceful bliss of a clear blue sky. Resonating at the frequency of divine light, its pure vibration is a delicate balance of masculine and feminine energies. Bringing stillness to the body and awareness to your breath, it clears the mind to let go of tension and stress. From this place of serenity, it reconnects you to the love from the stars above.

Opening a channel to angelic communication, Celestite offers clarity to the messages from your guardian angels and spirit guides. Heightening your perception to the synchronicities in life, it embraces the universal connection with all spiritual beings. Awakening your intuitive gifts and psychic abilities, it enhances inner vision to facilitate astral travel and dream recall.

Creating a harmonious atmosphere, Celestite purifies the aura and surrounding environment by emitting positive energy and light. Place a cluster in the room to bring tranquility into any space, although avoid contact with direct sunlight because its colour will fade.

Celestite Properties

Celestite Chakras

Celestite Physical Characteristics

Also known as “Celestine,” this colourless to blue-grey transparent crystal is primarily found in dense clusters of sedimentary rocks or delicate fibrous forms. Its crystal structure is tabular or pyramidal and some rare specimens are white, pink, or pale green. Very fragile and often containing a white flaky dust, it should be handled with care.

Celestite Geographic Locations

Egypt, Libya, Madagascar, Mexico, Peru, Poland, UK and USA.

Celestite crystal properties are Peace, Angelic Communication and Calm with affirmation stating I am open to the divine wisdom and the guidance of my angels.

Celestite Zodiac Signs

Celestite Planets

Celestite Elements

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