An opaque Charoite tumble stone with a pearly luster, predominantly purple with lilac and white swirling patterns.

Charoite Meaning: Make Today Magical

Eastern Siberia is the only place on Earth where Charoite is found. Its name derives from the Russian word “Chary,” which translates to “Magic.” The enchanting swirls of its violet ray awaken a personal evolution towards self-acceptance and universal love. 

Charoite offers a clear perception by bringing order to chaotic thoughts and circumstances. It challenges you to journey through unsettling inner work, which in turn, lights the way towards reaching your full potential. Through healing yourself, you amplify the power to help and heal others, as well as create a positive impact on the world.

Overcoming the resistance to change, Charoite embraces trust in Divine timing. Raising your vibration, it brings forth past life lessons for spiritual guidance. By transmuting old patterns and negative self-talk, it offers reassurance that you are exactly where you need to be. Grounding you in the present reality, it is commonly used by energetic healers for clearing negativity and protecting against psychic attacks.

Charoite Properties

Charoite Chakras

Charoite Physical Characteristics

Translucent to opaque with a pearly lustre. Predominantly purple, ranging from lilac to deep violet and forming in a fibrous swirling pattern. May include black, brown, gold, white or clear inclusions.

Charoite Geographic Locations

Only found in Siberia, Russia.

Charoite crystal properties are Transformation, Clarity and Guidance with affirmation stating I am enough, this moment is enough.

Charoite Zodiac Signs

Charoite Planets

Charoite Elements

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