A round Chrysocolla tumble stone, spotted with a blend of green, blue, white and brown patches.

Chrysocolla Meaning: Power of Speech

Chrysocolla’s loving vibration aligns the heart with the throat chakra to facilitate honest and heartfelt self-expression. Encouraging authentic speech, it teaches the power of voicing your truth, as well as the virtue of silence. Words carry a strong vibration and it is important to consciously consider what we put out into the world. There can be danger from words left unspoken or from words that have been said and cannot be forgotten. 

Gathering courage to speak up, Chrysocolla offers support when a difficult truth needs to be said. It brings calm to emotional turmoil and helps to find balance after a setback. Empowering change through building resilience, its soothing blue ray eases heartache as you learn to trust and love again.

Sound frequencies purify energy by transmuting blockages into a sense of tranquility. Embodying love and compassion, Chrysocolla unleashes the inner strength to create positive change in the world. Give power to your voice by sharing your innate wisdom and knowledge. Your journey could open doors for others who struggle to reach out.

Chrysocolla Properties

Chrysocolla Chakras

Chrysocolla Physical Characteristics

An opaque stone with a blend of bright green, blue and turquoise hues that may contain white and brown patches. The colour is due to its copper content and is often found in association with Malachite and Azurite. In a crystallized form it is inter grown with a druzy Quartz.

Chrysocolla Geographic Locations

Chile, DR Congo, Israel, Mexico, Peru, Russia and USA.

Chrysocolla crystal properties are Communication, Truth and Change with affirmation stating I choose to express myself with kindness and compassion.

Chrysocolla Zodiac Signs

Chrysocolla Planets

Chrysocolla Elements

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