A triangle-shaped Chrysoprase tumble stone that is a glossy minty green with white and grey veins.

Chrysoprase Meaning: Love is All We Need

Chrysoprase resonates with the heartbeat of life and nurtures the soul with unconditional love. Deepening your connection to the natural world, its soft green ray opens the heart and revitalizes the body with the Earth’s energetic pulse. Embracing a ‘oneness’ of all things, it encourages you to move beyond the delusions of your ego and embody your true nature as a magnificent being full of joy, love and unlimited potential.

Promoting spiritual and personal growth, Chrysoprase offers the promise of hope for a positive and abundant future. Providing strength to heal distressing matters of the heart, it inspires the courage to find forgiveness for yourself and others who have hurt you in the past. Developing compassion and self-acceptance, its beauty is a reminder that love is the most expansive feeling and reality there is.

Chrysoprase Properties

Chrysoprase Chakras

Chrysoprase Physical Characteristics

A green variety of Chalcedony containing impurities of nickel, which determine its colour ranging from a light minty green to a deep apple-green. Its appearance is glassy, translucent to opaque and is found in vein/fracture fillings of nickel-bearing rock deposits which limit the size to smaller specimens.

Chrysoprase Geographic Locations

Australia, Brazil, Germany, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Poland, Russia, Tanzania and USA.

Chrysoprase crystal properties are Love, Vitality and Hope with affirmation stating I am connected to all of life.

Chrysoprase Zodiac Signs

Chrysoprase Planets

Chrysoprase Elements

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