Clear Calcite

A transparent rhombus-shaped Clear Calcite crystal with sparkle inclusions and resembling an ice cube.

Clear Calcite Meaning: See Through the Clouds

Clear Calcite is a powerful energy purifier. Its prismatic formation transmutes negative energy and amplifies positive vibrations throughout any space. Encompassing the full colour spectrum, it cleanses each of the chakras by removing stagnant densities and restoring an energetic flow throughout the body.

Its pure white ray offers spiritual alignment by accessing deep inner wisdom. Promoting self-reflection, this optical stone provides a clear perception to the issues inhibiting your growth. Providing the clarity needed to understand a current situation, it brings insight to experiences from the past.

Releasing old attachments by forgiving yourself and others, Clear Calcite empowers new beginnings with the promise of a bright future. Program this crystal with any intention and trust the Universe will provide you with all the abundance you desire.

Clear Calcite Properties

Clear Calcite Chakras

Clear Calcite Physical Characteristics

Also known as ‘Iceland Spar’ or ‘Optical Calcite,’ this prismatic transparent and colourless variety of Calcite naturally crystallizes in a rhombohedral formation. Its shape and clarity creates a double refraction, which makes images appear doubled when viewed through the crystal. Calcite crystals are insoluble in cold water, however they may dissolve as the temperature increases.

Clear Calcite Geographic Locations

First discovered in Iceland. Also found in China, Mexico and USA.

Clear Calcite crystal properties are Clarity, Cleansing and Manifestation with affirmation stating I am clear in my intention and direction.

Clear Calcite Zodiac Signs

Clear Calcite Planets

Clear Calcite Elements

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