Creedite is transparent to opaque with fine needle-like crystals that protrude in all directions.

Creedite Meaning: Self-Illumination

Creedite’s magnificent formation of tiny prismatic crystals emanates a high vibrational frequency in every direction. Brilliant like the sun, it filters the atmosphere with its cleansing ray, softly diffusing negative densities and auric debris. Revitalizing the body and mind, Creedite restores a harmonious flow of energy throughout your chakra system.

Expanding the light of your consciousness, Creedite invites a clear perspective to your current circumstances. Facilitating a calm detachment from overwhelming emotions, it provides insight into agonizing experiences and dramatic situations. Overcoming resistance and pathetic excuses, it increases your commitment to achieve your goals.

Elevating awareness to the heavenly realm, Creedite enhances communication with your guardian angels and spirit guides. Creating a beacon of light with the universal current, it opens cosmic doorways to other dimensional worlds. Accessing knowledge from the Akashic records, it deepens an understanding of universal truths and ancient wisdom.

Creedite Properties

Creedite Chakras

Creedite Physical Characteristics

Transparent to opaque fine needle-like crystals that protrude in all directions. Most commonly orange, but also found in white, purple, or colourless. Crystals are very fragile – handle with care.

Creedite Geographic Locations

Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, and the USA.

Creedite crystal properties are Clarity, Cosmic Light, and Ancient Wisdom with affirmation stating "I have clarity and energy in all that I do."

Creedite Zodiac Signs

Creedite Planets

Creedite Elements

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