A clear and prismatic diamond-shaped Danburite crystal that is light pink and terminated in a chiseled-point.

Danburite Meaning: Divine Reflection

Danburite’s calming vibration brings peace of mind and a deep knowing that all is well. Its gentle energy is soothing to the body and promotes a restful sleep. Opening the gateway of intuition, it expands consciousness and supports the exploration of interdimensional travel.

Uplifting the spirit to a higher frequency, Danburite creates a channel to the angelic realms and opens communication with the Divine. This sacred union heightens awareness to spiritual truths and inspires a journey towards enlightenment.

Its cosmic light fills the body with unconditional love by harmonizing the heart with the crown chakra. Seeking inner wisdom, patience, and understanding, this brilliant crystal initiates positive change as your soul aligns with its purpose.

Danburite Properties

Danburite Chakras

Danburite Physical Characteristics

A clear prismatic crystal with a light pink or lilac hue. It generally forms in a long diamond shape with linear striations running along its length and terminates in a chiseled-point.

Danburite Geographic Locations

Japan, Bolivia, Czech Republic, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Russia, Switzerland and USA.

Danburite crystal properties are Calm, Love and Positive Change with affirmation stating I am Divinely guided and open to infinite love.

Danburite Zodiac Signs

Danburite Planets

Danburite Elements

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