A rough Emerald stone that is blue-green and contains small white fractures.

Emerald Meaning: Wholehearted Abundance

Emerald is a gentle stone that promotes love, patience and honesty. It inspires a self-loving journey that begins from within to establish a true appreciation and acceptance of oneself. Embracing unity and cooperation, Emerald nurtures a happy family life, loyal partnerships and lasting friendships. It encourages you to look at others through a lens of compassion and understanding rather than judgement and jealousy.

Balancing the heart chakra, Emerald opens the emotional body to receive, experience and express unconditional love. Enhancing a sense of well-being, it facilitates the healing of emotional distress by releasing self-depreciating thoughts and the fear of not being enough.

Everyone has the potential to prosper and Emerald attracts the opportunities needed to manifest wealth in your life. Stimulating your inner wisdom, it focuses your intention towards positive action. Known as a symbol of growth and fertility to the ancient Romans and Egyptians, Emerald brings good fortune when pursuing new endeavours.

Emerald Properties

Emerald Chakras

Emerald Physical Characteristics

A green variety of beryl that contains amounts of chromium or vanadium. Colours range from bluish-green to yellowish green and most often display “garden” (or cloudy) inclusions and naturally occurring fractures. Natural, transparent Emeralds in gemstone form are rare and highly valuable.

Emerald Geographic Locations

Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Madagascar, Russia, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Emerald crystal properties are Love, Unity and Prosperity with affirmation stating I am grateful for all the love and abundance in my life.

Emerald Zodiac Signs

Emerald Planets

Emerald Elements

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