Epidote is a transparent to opaque prismatic crystal with elongated striations.

Epidote Meaning: Energy Exchange

Epidote magnifies the power of your thoughts. When expressing a positive heartfelt intention, it enhances the forces of manifestation to attract an abundance of love and prosperity into your life. However, if you find yourself stuck or overwhelmed by despair, it brings awareness to the destructive habits and heavy emotions that are weighing you down.

Removing resistance, Epidote gently dissolves densities that are causing dis-ease and returns the body to its natural state of flow. Aligning your energy to a higher frequency, it instills hope and courage to create positive change in your life. With practice, it encourages you to master your mindset by consciously shifting your narrative to reflect a more positive outlook on life.

Everything you experience in the world is a mirror of your inherent beliefs. By re-training your thoughts to override your current circumstance, you initiate the action for obtaining your heart’s desire. By harnessing the amplifying abilities of Epidote, you can receive anything you wish to attract.

Epidote Properties

Epidote Chakras

Epidote Physical Characteristics

Transparent to opaque prismatic crystals with elongated striations. Its colour ranges from yellow-green to dark green or almost black depending on the amount of iron present. Also forms in fibrous or massive habits and found in association with many other minerals, including Albite, Quartz, Garnet, Prehnite, Diopside and Calcite.

Epidote Geographic Locations

Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, France, Mexico, Mozambique, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa and USA.

Epidote properties are Abundance, Cleansing and Positivity with affirmation stating I replace all negative thoughts with positive ones.

Epidote Zodiac Signs

Epidote Planets

Epidote Elements

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