Fairy Stone

Fairy Stone is a pale grey chalky stone forming smoothly sculpted nodules.

Fairy Stone Meaning: Motherly Love

Fairy Stone honours the Goddess and Divine Feminine energy that gives and nurtures all of life. Teaching humility, patience, and compassion, it deepens an appreciation of the sacredness of your body and spiritual presence on Earth. Grounded and supported by the beauty of nature, it invites you to gently surrender and reconnect to your soul.

Each stone takes on a unique shape that can depict an animal form or human figure. Immersing the mind in meditation or shamanic ritual, Fairy Stone can channel the spirits of animals and beings of the devic realm. Offering its protective motherly instincts, it serves as an amulet to shield you from harm and keep you safe.

Embracing the evolution of a new era, Fairy Stone brings essential healing and transmutation. As we move away from a masculine, goal-oriented, and hierarchical society, we are free to live rooted within ourselves with greater faith and deeper love. Harnessing the strength and undeniable resilience of a mother’s love, we can shape a world where our children will flourish.

Fairy Stone Properties

Fairy Stone Chakras

Fairy Stone Physical Characteristics

Also known as “Goddess Stone” or “Menilite Opal.” It is a pale grey chalky stone forming smoothly sculpted nodules. It may contain embedded pebbles or plant matter. The light brown variety is called “Liver Opal.”

Fairy Stone Geographic Locations

Large deposits are found in Canada, France, Spain, and Morocco.

Fairy Stone Zodiac Signs

Fairy Stone Planets

Fairy Stone Elements

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