Fire Agate

A polished Fire Agate stone, revealing swirling iridescent flashes of red, orange, brown and gold.

Fire Agate Meaning: Ignite Your Authenticity

Infusing vitality to the body and mind, Fire Agate ignites a personal transformation through self-reflection. Embracing self-acceptance, it enhances self-worth by overcoming destructive thoughts and habits. Bringing heat to a relationship, its fiery energy intensifies passion by stimulating your deepest desires.

Awakening your artistic expression, Fire Agate sparks creative ideas and generates an endless flow of inspiration. Promoting spiritual growth, this brilliant stone strengthens a connection to the Divine and elevates the power of manifestation.

Connecting to the root chakra, this grounding stone soothes the body and offers a sense of comfort. Highly protective from psychic attacks, it forms a shield around the body to deflect any negative energy back to its source.

Fire Agate Properties

Fire Agate Chakras

Fire Agate Physical Characteristics

An earthy brown stone with swirling iridescent flashes of red, orange, green and gold. When light is refracted through the thin layers containing iron oxide, this causes a shimmering play of colours resembling fire.

Fire Agate Geographic Locations

Largest deposits are in Mexico and USA.

Fire Agate crystal properties are Creativity, Calm and Protection with affirmation stating I have an endless flow of creativity and inspiration.

Fire Agate Zodiac Signs

Fire Agate Planets

Fire Agate Elements

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