Galena is a a silvery metallic that crystallizes in octahedral or cubic form.

Galena Meaning: Seeking Harmony

Galena navigates the path towards a spiritual transformation. Resonating with the truest vibration of your soul, it brings the physical, etheric and spiritual bodies into balance. Centering your energy, it grounds the spirit and secures a connection to the Earth. Creating the foundation for spiritual practice, Galena acts as a guiding light for inner work and shamanic journeying.

Illuminating the darkest aspects of yourself, Galena surfaces deep-seated emotions for healing. Calling on your courage to lean into discomfort and embrace vulnerability, it nurtures an unyielding strength for overcoming your fears. By honouring and integrating your shadow self, you reclaim your personal power to move beyond any limitations.

Galena Properties

Galena Chakras

Galena Physical Characteristics

An opaque lead based mineral that crystallizes in octahedral or cubic form. A fresh cleavage displays a silvery metallic lustre, however it weathers from the exposure to air and tarnishes to a dull grey-black.

Galena Geographic Locations

Primary mining deposits are found in Bulgaria, England, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Russia and USA.

Galena crystal properties are Spiritual Growth, Harmony and Journeying with affirmation stating I am rapidly progressing on my spiritual path.

Galena Zodiac Signs

Galena Planets

Galena Elements

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