A glass-like deep red Garnet stone with white veins and formed in a dodecahedral shape.

Garnet Meaning: Inspire to Connect

Garnet is a stone of empowerment and passion. Grounding to the Earth, it clears the chakras of stagnant energy and revitalizes the body with life force. Tapping into Kundalini power, it enhances self-esteem and inspires a greater understanding of yourself. Supercharging motivation and enthusiasm, it ignites the fire within to manifest your dreams into reality.

Increasing willpower and courage, Garnet harnesses the inner strength when faced with emotional trauma. Encouraging commitment and loyalty, Garnet embraces the union of romantic love. Arousing passion and intimacy, it energizes the libido and can help rekindle a relationship or attract new love. Considered a stone of prosperity, Garnet brings success to business affairs.

Garnet is deeply connected to the spiritual energies of our ancestors. Resurfacing ancestral memories and past life lessons, it dissolves the negative ingrained patterns that were passed down through generations. Offering protection, it heightens survival instincts and instills a sense of safety and security.

Garnet Properties

Garnet Chakras

Garnet Physical Characteristics

A glass-like deep red to violet-red stone that is translucent to opaque. Distinctly dodecahedral and trapezohedral in shape and may contain rainbow inclusions.

Garnet Geographic Locations

Worldwide with large deposits in Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Sri Lanka and USA.

Garnet crystal properties are Vitality, Motivation and Passion with affirmation stating I have an abundance of energy to accomplish my goals and fulfill my dreams.

Garnet Zodiac Signs

Garnet Planets

Garnet Elements

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