Golden Calcite

Golden Calcite is a translucent to opaque golden waxy stone occurring in massive form or a rhombohedral shape

Golden Calcite Meaning: Brilliance Expanse

Honouring the light within, Golden Calcite encourages you to inspire the world with your brilliance. Its joyful and uplifting frequency raises your vibration to facilitate a heightened embodied sense of who you are. Initiating a positive shift, it assists in redefining self-limiting beliefs by awakening from the amnesia of scarcity imposed by society.

Golden Calcite clears negative energy in any space and transmutes blockages in the body into a positive force. Rising above fear by stepping into action, it teaches you to embrace failure as a detour on the road to success and fulfillment. When guided by unwavering faith in your vision, you can persevere through any challenge to bring your dreams to fruition.

This brilliant crystal provides the mental clarity and focused energy to accomplish complex tasks and see longstanding projects to completion. Teaching responsibility of power and influence, Golden Calcite instills the confidence to embrace your magnificence and share your soul’s gifts for the highest good. Infinitely luminous, its glistening light is a reminder of your divine inheritance and innate ability of creating a life of abundance.

Golden Calcite Properties

Golden Calcite Chakras

Golden Calcite Physical Characteristics

Also known as ‘Honey Calcite’ and ‘Amber Calcite.’ It is a translucent to opaque golden waxy stone occurring in massive form or a rhombohedral shape. May contain rainbow inclusions.

Golden Calcite Geographic Locations

Largest deposits are found in Mexico.

Golden Calcite Zodiac Signs

Golden Calcite Planets

Golden Calcite Elements

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