Green Calcite

Green Calcite is a yellow-green to bright emerald green translucent, smooth and waxy stone.

Green Calcite Meaning: Follow Your Heart

Green Calcite emanates the essence of love and expands your heart to hold greater compassion. Deepening a connection to the centre of your being, it reveals opportunities for healing and growth. Nurturing emotional balance, it surfaces feelings of anger and resentment to experience, accept and let go.

Empowering positive change in your life, Green Calcite aligns your purpose with the values and morals that live deep within your heart. It teaches you to honour your past mistakes and trust that their lessons will strengthen your ability to overcome future challenges. This offering of forgiveness can grow exponentially by expressing heartfelt gratitude for yourself and others.

Green Calcite carries a spirited life force, boosting vitality and gently moving energy through the body. Its soft green vibration develops an affinity for nature, igniting a fire within that fuels your future dreams and aspirations.

Green Calcite Properties

Green Calcite Chakras

Green Calcite Physical Characteristics

A translucent smooth and waxy stone that is usual found in massive form. Its colour ranges from yellow-green to bright emerald green. Some specimens are acid-treated to enhance the colour.

Green Calcite Geographic Locations

Primarily found in Mexico. It is also found in Brazil, India and Africa.

Green Calcite properties are Love, Growth and Balance with affirmation stating I set myself and others free by choosing to forgive.

Green Calcite Zodiac Signs

Green Calcite Planets

Green Calcite Elements

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