Hiddenite crystal is a light green prismatic crystal.

Hiddenite Meaning: From a Place of Love

Hiddenite’s rejuvenating green energy inspires new beginnings. Providing solace to a devastating break up, it heals the wounds where emotions ran deep. Inviting you to become vulnerable and restore a commitment to loving wholeheartedly, it develops the confidence to allow love back into your heart.

Bringing awareness to the present moment, Hiddenite supports the development of spiritual and personal growth. Expanding gratitude for all of the blessings in your life, it deepens an appreciation for who you are today. Shifting focus to what truly matters, it reinforces that your value is not measured by monetary wealth, but by embodying the love you want to see in the world.

Attuning to the receptive current of interconnection, it nurtures a genuine appreciation for Mother Earth and opens you to the infinite flow of abundance. Strengthening romantic partnerships, Hiddenite encourages selflessness by teaching unconditional love, free of manipulation, control or expectation. Infusing joyful spontaneity into your relationship, it empowers you to let go of fear and love freely.

Hiddenite Properties

Hiddenite Chakras

Hiddenite Physical Characteristics

Hiddenite is the green variety of Kunzite. A transparent to translucent prismatic crystal with rainbow inclusions. Its colour varies from pale yellow-green to emerald green. May be heat treated to enhance colour and will fade in direct sunlight.

Hiddenite Geographic Locations

Afghanistan, Brazil, China, Madagascar, Myanmar and USA.

Hiddenite crystal properties are Gratitude, Self-Worth and Love with affirmation stating I am worthy and capable of unconditional love.

Hiddenite Zodiac Signs

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Hiddenite Elements

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