Iolite appears deep violet-blue and in another position, its colour appears smoky yellowish-grey.

Iolite Meaning: Look Within

Iolite is a compass to your inner knowing. Navigating the path of self discovery, it awakens the experience of true vision. Seeing beyond the illusions of limitation, it encourages you to trust your inner wisdom and reclaim your intuitive gifts.

Bringing stillness to the mind’s voice, Iolite nurtures a deeper focus for meditation. Its violet-blue ray enhances psychic awareness as you dissolve into restful darkness and surrender to your higher self. Facilitating the art of shamanic journeying, it invites knowledge from past lives and other realms for healing unresolved traumas.

Offering a clear vision to achieving your goals, Iolite strengthens the courage to not giving up in the face of adversity. Inspiring a sense of empowerment, it helps to detach embedded codependencies and old patterns that are holding you back. Emerging creativity, it illuminates the answers that were hidden away in the dark corners of your subconscious.

Iolite Properties

Iolite Chakras

Iolite Physical Characteristics

Also known as Dichroite or Water Sapphire, this stone produces pleochroic properties, which displays different colours when looking at the stone from different angles. It may appear a deep violet-blue and in another positions appear smoky yellowish-grey. Gem quality stones are a transparent to translucent variety of Cordierite.

Iolite Geographic Locations

Brazil, India, Madagascar, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and USA.

Iolite properties are Intuition, Psychic Vision and Surrender with affirmation stating My intuition knows the way.

Iolite Zodiac Signs

Iolite Planets

Iolite Elements

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