Larimar is a turquoise-blue variety of Pectolite with a white swirling pattern.

Larimar Meaning: Sea Spirit

Emerging from lava where the sea meets the shore, Larimar embodies the harmonious balance of fire and water energy. Deepening relaxation, its calming vibration will drift you away into the depths of peaceful meditation. Immersed in the serenity of its ocean swell, it soothes the emotional body, releasing stress and alleviating fear.

Like a salty sea breeze, its turquoise ray washes over your aura and clears away self-limiting beliefs that do not serve you. Its energy brings healing and understanding to the profound transformation taking place within the collective consciousness on Earth. Awakening the divine feminine power within, it teaches the importance of fostering self-love and taking the time to nurture your body.

Dissolving the barriers of your heart, Larimar allows you to voice your truth and clearly communicate your feelings with others. Opening the floodgates to a free flow of emotion, it facilitates the release of repressed anger, guilt, resentment, and trauma. Offering a fresh start with a clear sense of direction, it empowers you to access your innate wisdom and seize the day.

Larimar Properties

Larimar Chakras

Larimar Physical Characteristics

A turquoise-blue variety of Pectolite with a white swirling pattern. This glassy stone is translucent to opaque and may contain red-brown Hematite inclusions. Also known as Dolphin Stone, Blue Pectolite, Atlantis Stone, and Stefilia’s Stone.

Larimar Geographic Locations

Only found in the Dominican Republic.

Larimar crystal properties are Calm, Cleansing, and Truth with affirmation stating I am a vessel for spreading love and light to the Earth.

Larimar Zodiac Signs

Larimar Planets

Larimar Elements

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