An opaque green Malachite tumble stone with darker green swirling bands.

Malachite Meaning: Create Your Fate

Malachite empowers you to take action and live your life to the fullest. By reclaiming your personal power and taking responsibility of your thoughts, feelings and actions, you hold the potential to create your own destiny.

Harmonizing all of the chakras, Malachite restores the flow of energy and balance to the body. Activating the heart chakra, it breaks down emotional blocks, releasing inhibitions and self-limiting beliefs. Opening your heart to love, it inspires you to acknowledge the lesson of every life experience. 

Encouraging positive transformation, it harnesses the inner strength to support the emotional healing of past trauma. One of the most powerful stones for protection, Malachite strengthens the aura to guard against electromagnetic pollutants and other negative influences.

Malachite Properties

Malachite Chakras

Malachite Physical Characteristics

Light green to a deep dark green and normally polished to highlight its swirling bands to a bright opaque lustre. It can also form as a silky fibrous specimen and very rarely in a transparent crystal structure. Due to its high copper content Malachite is considered toxic and needs to be handled with care. Avoid cleaning with salt or salt water and do not inhale, ingest or have in contact with the skin. It is recommended to only handle this stone in polished form.

Malachite Geographic Locations

Australia, DR Congo, France, Namibia, Russia, USA and Zambia.

Malachite crystal properties are Personal Growth, Strength and Protection with affirmation stating In transforming my life, I create my own destiny.

Malachite Zodiac Signs

Malachite Planets

Malachite Elements

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