Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite is an opaque to translucent pink stone that may contain white banding.

Mangano Calcite Meaning: Universal Love

Mangano Calcite carries the frequency of Divine love and compassion. Attuning to the loving energies of the Universe, it deepens an appreciation for your soul’s worth as you recognize all that is beautiful and true about you. Strengthening the power of your thoughts and beliefs, it raises self-esteem for you to embrace and accept yourself exactly as you are.

Its gentle pink ray soothes tension and anxiety, bringing the presence of peace into your heart. Its an excellent stone to support those who have experienced emotional trauma such as abuse or the loss of a loved one. By letting go of grief and fears from the past, it opens you to an abundance of unconditional love. 

Encouraging forgiveness, Mangano Calcite invites you to view others through a lens of empathy and understanding. With a heart-based perspective, it uplifts the spirit with joyful positivity and empowers you to carry these qualities out into the world.

Mangano Calcite Properties

Mangano Calcite Chakras

Mangano Calcite Physical Characteristics

An opaque to translucent pink stone that may contain white banding. Only found in massive form, it feels waxy and smooth to the touch. Also known as Manganoan Calcite, its colour ranges from creamy light pink to dark pink and is caused by rich amounts of Manganese.

Mangano Calcite Geographic Locations

Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Mexico, Peru, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and the UK.

Mangano Calcite properties are Love, Self-Worth and Compassion with affirmation stating I deeply love, accept and respect myself.

Mangano Calcite Zodiac Signs

Mangano Calcite Planets

Mangano Calcite Elements

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