Moldavite is a natural dark green molten glass formed by a meteoric impact.

Moldavite Meaning: Cosmic Shift

14.8 million years ago, a giant solar star collided with our planet. This fusion of earthly and cosmic light birthed a stone so powerful that its vibration transformed humanity. Awakening a shift towards enlightenment, Moldavite aligns you to the frequency of Universal consciousness and instills a responsibility to serving the highest good of all.

Accelerating spiritual evolution, Moldavite invites you to observe your true nature, beyond limitations and boundaries. Surfacing harmful attachments, it releases insecurities, worries, and fixed ideas that are holding you back from realizing your destiny. Providing a clear vision of the future, it attracts all you need to manifest the life of your dreams.

Moldavite’s energies vary when attuning to different people. Some will experience invigorating and revitalizing effects on their energetic systems. Others are comforted by an overall sense of calm. Regardless, adjusting to this immensely influential stone takes time. It is recommended to use alongside a grounding stone to stabilize its energies.

When paired with other crystals, Moldavite amplifies their energy to the highest frequency. Placed within your auric field, it actives and clears all of the chakras. Elevating awareness to other dimensions, it heightens telepathic abilities and invites visionary experiences. Welcoming the messages of celestial beings, its loving guidance lights your path to fully awakening.

Moldavite Properties

Moldavite Chakras

Moldavite Physical Characteristics

Moldavite is a natural dark green molten glass formed by a meteoric impact. It displays fine etchings caused by sand and gravel and becomes translucent when held up to the light. A very fragile stone, broken surfaces are smooth and glassy. Because Moldavite is a rare and expensive stone, there are many synthetic imitations sold on the market. These fake pieces appear glossy and like wet melted glass. Real specimens contain internal bubbles and swirling patterns. Buy from trusted sources and do not cleanse with salt because it will scratch.

Moldavite Geographic Locations

Mainly found in the southern Bohemia and Moravia regions of the Czech Republic. Less commonly found in Austria and Germany.

Moldavite crystal properties are Spiritual Growth, Awakening, and Psychic Vision with affirmation stating I ascend to spiritual wholeness and healing.

Moldavite Zodiac Signs

Moldavite Planets

Moldavite Elements

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