Moonstone tumble stone, primarily white with black patches and a pearly opalescence that reflects a blue flash.

Moonstone Meaning: Embrace Each Phase

Moonstone’s mystical properties are deeply connected and guided by the light of the Moon. Each lunar cycle offers a new opportunity for growth and Moonstone’s luminous glow teaches you to embrace the process through every phase of life. Inspiring an inward journey to explore your hidden truths and vulnerabilities, it releases emotional blockages to develop a deeper understanding of who you are.

Its pure light ray cleanses the chakras and stabilizes the emotional body. Activating the higher chakras, Moonstone stimulates psychic abilities and facilitates lucid dreaming. Acknowledging your inner wisdom, it encourages you to trust your instincts and surrender to the universe.

Moonstone channels the Divine feminine energy within that manifests dreams into existence. This empowers women to honour their inner goddess and it reconnects men to their intuitive and emotional side.

Moonstone Properties

Moonstone Chakras

Moonstone Physical Characteristics

A pearly opalescent stone in colours varying from white, peach, grey and black. Reflecting light with silvery flashes of blue and white, an optical phenomenon known as ‘adularescence.’

Moonstone Geographic Locations

Australia, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and USA.

Moonstone crystal properties are Growth, Intuition and Manifestation with affirmation stating I embrace this journey, ever growing and evolving.

Moonstone Zodiac Signs

Moonstone Planets

Moonstone Elements

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