Morganite is a translucent to transparent crystal gets its pink colour from trace amounts of manganese.

Morganite Meaning: Love Heals All

Morganite is the manifestation of Divine love – a love that is true, infinite, and unconditional. Deepening a oneness with being, it inspires the inner strength to surrender and trust in the Universe’s plan for you. Embracing the ebbs and flows of life, it acknowledges that both the experience of pain and pleasure serve a higher purpose.

In times of sorrow, Morganite’s soft pink ray brings reassurance that you are not alone. It channels the angelic wisdom of the heavenly realm, offering insight into the egotistical limits inhibiting your spiritual growth. By becoming aware of your pain and suffering, the dark shadows dissolve into the light of love, joy, and inner peace.

Unlocking the barriers to your heart, Morganite nurtures the healing of past wounds and buried emotional trauma. It encourages peaceful acceptance and emphasizes that vulnerability is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. Easing the hurt caused by heartbreak and loss, it gently implies that grief is but your love persevering.

Morganite Properties

Morganite Chakras

Morganite Physical Characteristics

Also known as Pink Beryl, this translucent to transparent crystal gets its colour from trace amounts of manganese. Colours range from a pale rose to a peachy salmon pink. Some specimens are heat-treated to enhance colour.

Morganite Geographic Locations

Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Pakistan and USA.

Morganite crystal properties are Love, Angelic Communication, and Release with affirmation stating I am Divine love.

Morganite Zodiac Signs

Morganite Planets

Morganite Elements

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