Pink Optical Calcite

Pink Optical Calcite is a transparent prismatic pale pink rhombohedral crystal that may contain rainbow inclusions.

Pink Optical Calcite Meaning: Love & Light

Pink Optical Calcite opens your heart to empower healing and inspire the expansion of joy. Its prismatic formation amplifies purifying light to clear your chakra and subtle energetic systems and restore balance to the emotional body. Targeting vibrational densities at a cellular level, it transmutes imprinted trauma and inherited negative programming passed from ancestors and previous lifetimes.

Looking within through a lens of love, Pink Optical Calcite invites you to find compassion and understanding in your experiences. We all encounter trauma and tragedy at some point in our lives. Only by addressing the pain and embracing the fullness of your emotions can you align with your higher self and the divine nature of your soul.

Strengthening a love of self, Pink Optical Calcite embraces the unconditional acceptance of your authentic feelings and longings. Emerging an unwavering dedication to your self-worth, it assists in eliminating the relationships and situations that no longer serve you. Deeply embodied in the radiance of your being, it extends the vibration of love to another to brighten the flicker of light that always shines within.

Pink Optical Calcite Properties

Pink Optical Calcite Chakras

Pink Optical Calcite Physical Characteristics

A transparent prismatic pale pink rhombohedral crystal that may contain rainbow inclusions. Its shape and clarity create a double refraction, meaning images appear doubled when viewed through the crystal.

Pink Optical Calcite Geographic Locations

Largest deposits found in Mexico.

Pink Optical Calcite Zodiac Signs

Pink Optical Calcite Planets

Pink Optical Calcite Elements

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