Precious Opal

Precious Opals display a brilliant play of colours known as ‘fire’ or ‘opalescence.’

Precious Opal Meaning: Kaleidoscopic Wonders

A Precious Opal contains a fire that reflects a spectacular display of iridescent colours. Its prismatic light cleanses the aura of psychic debris, bringing clarity to the incessant mental chatter that often clouds judgment. A stone of visionary action, it sparks creativity by initiating a flow of inspiration where brilliant ideas emerge.

Illuminating inner vision, it awakens clairvoyant abilities for gaining insight into the darker aspects of your being. Gazing into its exquisite beauty, it shields you from negative entities when journeying into the depths of other realms. Bringing deep-seated inhibitions into the light of consciousness, it dissolves the pain from the past that still lives on in your body and mind.

Precious Opals direct your attention to the kind of energy you put out to the world. Emotionally charged thoughts, words, and actions are the purest form of energy. Opals teach you to honour the law of karma, where whatever you project will come back to you. Utilize the amplifying effects of this magical stone to reach higher dimensions and magnify your intentions to the Universe.

Precious Opal Properties

Precious Opal Chakras

Precious Opal Physical Characteristics

Precious Opals have an internal structure composed of perfectly stacked silica spheres. This causes light to diffract and display a brilliant play of colours known as ‘fire’ or ‘opalescence.’ Handle with care, these delicate stones are heat-sensitive and may crack easily.

Precious Opal Geographic Locations

97% of the world’s Precious Opals are found in Australia. Other localities are Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, and USA.

Precious Opal crystal properties are Clarity, Psychic Vision, and Inner Healing with affirmation stating I align my energy and abilities to healing my inner self.

Precious Opal Zodiac Signs

Precious Opal Planets

Precious Opal Elements

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